Assistant Program Director

Applications will be accepted through Saturday, April 12th, 2014!

The CitizenWeb Project is currently looking for a volunteer Assistant Program Director to help manage and develop its flagship project, arkOS. This is an exciting opportunity to be at the forefront of a new open-source privacy-respecting movement that is growing fast.

The position would require between 10 and 15 hours a week to help manage different aspects of the Project, including but not limited to: assisting with decision making and strategic guidance; representing the project at events and networking opportunities; managing and recruiting volunteers in the areas of core development and documentation; communicating with clients and supporters, current and potential; creating relationships with non-profits, companies and usergroups that work in the decentralized tech sphere; and seeking opportunities for collaboration with such organizations.

The ideal candidate would meet the following criteria:

  • Technically adept and able to learn about new concepts like decentralization and distributed computing
  • Certain business skills, such as the ability to manage personal and small organizational-level finances when required
  • Capable of solving problems using critical thinking and inventive solutions
  • Decent level of public speaking ability and/or experience
  • Very thorough with a high level of attention-to-detail and organization skills
  • Works well with others on team-oriented projects

This position does not require a candidate with software development experience or knowledge of specific languages; however a technically-minded person with the ability to learn new concepts and relate them to others is critical. Experience/background in one of the following fields would also be a huge plus: Linux, security, user experience (UX), design, web development, decentralized technologies.

In keeping with the developing stage of the project and the resources it has, this is a VOLUNTEER position at this time. However as a “co-founder” for the Project as a whole, the candidate would be the first in line for a paid position with the Project as soon as steady funding or revenue is available. Obtaining this funding or working out steady revenue is one of the objectives for establishing this partnership.

The ideal candidate lives in one of the following cities or metro areas: Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, New York City. They should be able to occasionally set aside time for travel to team meetings and outreach opportunities. Any required travel would be mutually arranged based on the candidate’s availability, and required transport/lodging would be reimbursable by the Project. European candidates (Brussels or Berlin) may also be considered with a modified context for the position.

If you are interested in this position, please send an email to jacob [at] citizenweb [dot] is. Include the following information: Full name and location, a brief personal background statement, a brief professional background statement, an overview of why you are interested in this position and decentralized technology as a whole, and the best way to get a hold of you for further contact. From there we can get started in identifying if you are a good fit for this position, and how the resulting partnership would be a benefit for the project as a whole.

Thank you!

Jacob Cook

The CitizenWeb Project