Announcing the CitizenWeb Developer Assistance Program

The original goal behind the CitizenWeb Project was to provide a space for developers concerned with decentralization to form a collective, share resources and provide support for one another, so that everyone’s projects can grow as fast as possible. Today I’m happy to announce an initiative that will help the project move in line with those goals.

The CitizenWeb Development Assistance Program gives all software developers out there, regardless of background, the opportunity to be a part of the CitizenWeb Project and to remove as many hurdles to their development as possible. Making software is, after all, a lot more work than just writing code - depending on the size of your tool, you would need to produce a website, a wiki, a tool for interacting with your user community, handling donations, and more. All of these things can be done by other free providers, but that takes a lot of time and effort to get all of the moving pieces started. In keeping with the spirit of decentralization and mutual aid, we would like to offer these services to interested users, if needed. Why not work together?
This program is 100% free to interested users. The ideal candidate is a developer or open source project that has a passion for decentralization tech, including but not limited to: promoting self-hosting of services, personal security and cryptography, decentralized social networking or apps, mesh/peer-to-peer networking and technologies, cryptocurrencies, or other related fields.
Here is a list of some of the services we can help participating projects with (all of which are optional):

  • Email: have a private hosted email address (or alias) for you, your fellow developers, or just for your project, to separate project inquiries from your personal email.
  • Websites, Wikis and more: Set up your own custom project website hosted for free on CitizenWeb Project servers. Or let us set up a site framework for you! All you have to do is add content about your project. The Project can also host a community wiki for engaging with your users.
  • File Hosting: We have file servers in New York, Reykjavik and Amsterdam - if you need help distributing your software close to your users, feel free to use our space and bandwidth. (Restrictions apply, please contact with info for details)
  • Git Repositories: Use our private GitLab repositores, as a primary or backup Git server for your code. (Probably even has a better uptime than GitHub these days!)
  • Translation: Our translation server imports i18n system files and allows users from any language to provide localized translation. Collect strings from your users on our self-hosted Pootle instance.
  • Mailing Lists: Host mailing lists for your project on for fielding public support questions or development inquiries from your users.
  • Project Advertisement: Your project will be displayed on, news will be shared on our Twitter and other social networking feeds, etc. You will become an integral part of the project!
  • Donation support (work in progress): If your project accepts donations, use the CitizenWeb donations system and don’t worry about hosting your own PayPal/Stripe account and required forms. Donations earmarked for your specific project are paid out directly to you.

If any of the above services interests you, feel free to check out the application and agreement (ODT version here). Fill it out (or copy+paste it into an email) and send it to [email protected]. If you have ideas for additional services we can provide, also let us know and it may make its way into the program.