Reevio gives your Tent essays a public face

The development of Tent-based apps and software is coming fast and furious now. Hot off the heels of last week’s inside look into Campr, we now have a brand new Tent app that attempts to solve a critical problem: how can people see your Tent posts if they don’t have an account? Sites like and allow for the display of public profiles, but there is no such tool for this for self-hosted providers.

With the release of Reevio, all Tent users now have the ability to craft their own publicly-facing profiles that include their Tent content. Reevio is a new project by several Tent community members, notably Beau Simensen, Yannik Achternbosch, and Kevin Kleinman, with contributions from many others. It uses PHP and Composer to fetch your Tent posts and render them with a custom interface on a host of your choice. The standard interface is responsive and therefore Mobile-friendly, giving you a very quick and easy way to get started with casual blogging. It uses posts made by Essayist, the popular Tent-based blogging platform by Mwanji Ezana, to form the main feed. It combines this with an RSS feed for easy syndication to your readers. On the right, it displays public profile information and a short list of status posts just below that. With this in mind, Reevio becomes a sort of coherent Tent-based blog, one that does not require a Tent client to read or subscribe to.


Shown above is the default theme. Other themes will be made available, of course in addition to the ability to create custom themes via CSS.

It is easy to see how, in future versions, people might be persuaded to abandon their personal blogging platforms of choice (WordPress, Jeykll etc) for a single easy-to-use and easy-to-update casual blogging platform like Tent + Reevio. It may also convince more people use the Essayist app for sharing their longform content publicly via their Reevio page. All in all, with the release of Reevio, the Tent ecosystem begins to take a bit more of a coherent form.

For more information about Reevio, check out the app page and the GitHub repository. ♦

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