New Tent provider Campr steals the show

One of the priorities of the Tent protocol has been encouraging new providers to start up for those who are not able to host their own Tent server. This would bring the benefits of distributed and 100% user-owned social networking to the masses. As of now, the only Tent hosting provider is the one provided by the Tent development team,, which has made a comfortable base for many users to get their feet wet on the service.

This weekend marked the beginning of beta invitations for the new Tent protocol hosting provider, Campr. A new project by France-based developers Quentin Calvez and Pierre Laurac, Campr seems to create a completely new and streamlined Tent experience. For those who are unable to host their own Tent server, Campr has been an eagerly awaited release and it is now beginning to come to fruition. Here we will take a look at how Campr remixes the Tent experience.


The groundbreaking visual style is one of Campr’s biggest highlights to date. Seemingly inspired by Windows Metro and Windows Phone’s visual cues, the Campr interface easily flows from one element to another. The profiles themselves are stunning, with a “smoked glass” type style that blends the best elements of traditional social networking with something completely fresh. For users of other short-status websites like Twitter, the interface is very intuitive and easy to get into. There isn’t a lot of time needed to figure out how Campr works, it just does. Replies are seamless and message threads are very easy to follow.


It should be stressed that the application is very much in beta phase. Many features in the interface may be linked and drawn, but not be functional. These include post favourites, private messaging, and some features of profile editing. Most distinguishing features are still in the works, and it is not yet possible to use Campr with an external application like Bungloo, Bivy or tentmonstar. However these features are high on the work list for the Campr team, and if their prior work is any indication, the new features will be very well done.

When comparing its development with other social networks and hosting platforms, the project becomes even more impressive. Campr has already surpassed Diaspora’s interface and functionality at just a few months into its own development. If the present beta is any indication, Campr has already raised the bar for Tent providers and software developers alike. More information on the project is expected soon, and signups are presently open to the public at ♦